La Flibuste is the name given in France during 16th and 17th Centuries to the piracy in the seas, and the Freebooters.

It refers to the neighbouring city of Saint Malo where the ships were leaving from, presumably to fight for France and its King only....

The Ermine

The Ermine is since the 14th Century the symbol of Brittany. The apple she keeps in hands is showing that 100% of our apples are coming from Brittany, in a range of maximum thirty km around our hometown of Saint Briac.

The Flag

The Blue White & Red circles refer to the the French flag and emphasise on the 100% Made in France

The Sea

The sea is designed on our labels, to emphasize the fact that our village is sourrounded by the sea, thus the  name of our city: Saint Briac sur Mer, meaning "Saint Briac by the Sea".

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