La Flibuste offers a refreshing beverage to the one who are not keen to drink alcohol.
La Flibuste without alcohol is a sparkling apple juice, made with Cider apples. We use the exact same kind of apples as our cider, while changing the proportions in the varieties mix.
Our apples are grinded and pressed, to give us this pure apple juice. We pasteurize it before the fermentation starts, so sugar won’t turn into alcohol. We carbonate the apple juice, to have a sweet and refreshing drink, thanks to the balanced acidity of the Cider Apples. The drink tastes like a bite in a fresh fruit, while bubbles enhance the taste and cleanse the palate.
Our product is 100% pure apple juice with no additive nor preservative.
The freshness, the pure taste of cider apples, make it the perfect taste for the ones who want to share some conviviality moments without drinking alcohol.

The product

The color is dark gold with a gentle sparkling.
The foam is present but don’t last, and the smell is very fruity.
The taste is the one of nice fruity and sweet apples, with a hint of acidity for the freshness, and a sparkling which will please to consumers from all generations.
Like our cider, our sparkling apple juice is Gluten free, with no added sugar, no conservative.


To be consumed all day and night long: Wherever, Whenever, However.

Enjoy Responsibly