While being a young kind, Guillaume BUISSON spent his holidays near Vannes in Brittany. Between beaches, moor and orchards, he discovers and fall in love with his environment, the sweet and wild nature of Brittany.
He discovers the cider and all the secrets of the fabrication process in the neighbouring farm. A unique beverage, so typical from the place, which memory will be forever linked to this time shared with the family.

Years later, as an International sales director, he becomes a real globe trotter. From Japan to Mexico, with trips in China, Russia, USA or Africa, Guillaume travels the world to export the French Art de Vivre.

While working for French companies exporting Cognac or Champagne, he keeps an eye on the global beverage market. He discovers during these travels that despite a huge cider consumption in the world, the French cider remains local, and has very low awareness abroad.

When settling down in Saint-Briac (Brittany), he decides to create his own cider brand, by passion and to travel back in time thanks to the flavours of his childhood.
With La Flibuste, Guillaume creates a premium cider, made with 100% pure apples picked in the neighborhood, and locally made. A craft product, Made In France, produced in a nomadic format to be consumed anywhere at any time.

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